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The Hello People (Philips PHS 600-265)

A-1 It's a Monday Kind of Tuesday
A-2 Sunrise Meadow
A-3 A Stranger at the Door
A-4 Movin' and Growin'
A-5 Paisley Teddy Bear

B-1 (As, I Went Down To)Jerusalem
B-2 Lamplight, Nightlight
B-3 Mr. Truth Evading, Masquerading Man
B-4 Paris in The Rain

Fusion (Philips PHS 600-276)

A-1  White Winged Doves
A-2 Anthem
A-3 Jelly Jam
A-4 If I Should Sing Too Softly
A-5 How Does it Feel To Be Free

B-1 Pray For Rain
B-2 A Dream of Tomorrow
B-3 Everything's Better
B-4 Come And See Me
B-5 I Ride To Nowhere

Have You Seen The Light (Toshiba/Mediarts/Liberty LP-80304)

A-1 Pass Me By
A-2 Good Time Girl
A-3 Old Time Songs
A-4 Poet
A-5 Wheat Germ

B-1 Fun Area
B-2 Look What I've Gone and Done To Me
B-3 Old Ohio Moon
B-4 Take Me Home Jimmy
B-5 Maybe We Should Have Had Rain
B-6 Have You Seen The Light