I didn't have to do this.

  1. Install RedHat Linux 5.0.
  2. make a new kernel to enable 3c509.
  3. Add append="ether=0,0,eth1" in lilo.conf.
  4. From 'Control-panel', start Network Configurator and enable Network Packet Forwarding(IPv4) on Routing.
  5. Leave default gateway and default gateway device blank.
  6. Push Add button and define
    eth1 Internal network address Netmask
    Leave gateway field blank.
  7. In Network Configurator, edit and add Interfaces as follows;
    eth0 dhcp
    eth1 IP Address (for Internal net) none
    Save Network Configurator.
  8. Leave Kernel Configurator in Control-panel unchanged. You don't have to add eth1 in this.

    May 1998