The Who

My Generation

My Generation Front Cover

My Generation Back cover

*Side A
  My Generation
  Please, please, please
  It's not true
  The Ox
  The Kids are alright
  Instant Party

*Side B
  A Legal Matter
  Out in the Street
  I don't mind
  The Good's gone
  La la la Lies
  Much too much

I'm a boy

I'm a boy Front cover

I'm a boy Back cover

*Side A
  I'm a boy
  Run run run
  Boris the Spider
  I need you

*Side B
  Whisky man
  In the city
  Don't look away
  You see my way
  Cobwebs and Strange

Exciting The Who

Exciting The Who cover

Exciting The Who back cover

*Side A
  Happy Jack
  Pictures of Lily
  I've been away
  Doctor, Doctor
  Waltz for a pig

*Side B
  The Last Time
  Under my thumb
  So Sad about Us
  A Quick One, While He's Away

The Who Sell Out

The Who Sell Out Cover

The Who Sell Out Back Cover

*Side A
  Armenia City In The Sky
  Heinz Baked Beans
  Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
  Our Love Was
  I Can See For Miles

*Side B
  Silas Stingy
  Rael (1&2)