Kyoto again (December 2003)

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At Ginkajuji temple.

Kinsui-tei is a japanese restaurant at Nagaoka shrine in Nagaoka-kyo-shi.

At Tofukuji temple.

His friend paocchan is in the bag.

View from "Zunan-tei" in Funda-in temple.

Many japanese families enjoy sukiyaki dinner on 31st of December.

Welcomes 2004 new year sunrise from the hotel room in kyoto.
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He visited kamigamo shrine as the 2004 first shrine visit.
Can you see him?


I love sitting down by the riverside,
Watching the water go flowing by.
Oh, golly gee, it is heaven to be
Like a willow tree.
‘Sitting by The Riverside’ (The Kinks)

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